We often ask our supporters to request that their supermarkets carry Certified Humane® products.  We know this may seem like a small action, but one person’s efforts can truly make a difference. We’re sharing an email that we received recently in hopes that more people will see the change that one person can make, and decide to do something about it themselves.

Dear Adele and all:

 I was THRILLED yesterday, when I found a new brand of cage-free eggs on the shelves at my local Giant Food store (North Point Village, Reston). The brand is “Nellie’s”.  I was pleasantly surprised at how competitively priced they were.  (I *think* they were less expensive than Giant’s store brand.)  So this was the whole package for me — cage-free, competitively priced — and THEN seeing the Certified Humane® seal on them.  I was thrilled!  I’ve never seen any Certified Humane® items at Giant Food before.

When I got home, I called Giant’s corporate offices in Landover, MD, to tell them how thrilled I was to see the Certified Humane® seal in their store.  And to encourage Giant to stock MORE items with the Certified Human®e seal.  The lady I spoke with didn’t know about the Certified Humane® seal, so I explained.  I told her other stores, such as Whole Foods, Safeway, Harris Teeter, DO stock products with the Certified Humane® seal — and that if Giant Food would stock products with the CH seal, I could do all my shopping in one store:  Giant Food.  I explained that, until now, I’ve had to go to these other stores for meat, poultry, dairy bearing the CH® seal …. I also told her that I normally spend a substantial amount of money each week in grocery stores (which is true), hoping I was adding incentive by saying that.

The lady I spoke with sounded truly interested and enthusiastic — and said she was going to pass the information along IMMEDIATELY, that she was typing it up as we spoke, because it sounds like something Giant should be doing.

I can only hope….

~ Robyn Berry

Reston, VA

We hope that Ms. Berry’s experience will encourage others to contact supermarkets as well. If you would like to do your part to fight cruelty in the raising and handling of farm animals, visit our “Take Action” page on our website, found at the following link: http://www.certifiedhumane.org/index.php?page=take-action

Our “Take Action” page has forms available for download which you can give to your grocer, requesting them to carry additional Certified Humane® products or to thank them for already stocking them. We also suggest that you try contact food companies directly to ask them to become Certified Humane®, or to contact your supermarket’s corporate headquarters, as Robyn did.

It is so important that supermarkets hear from you, because they are the largest purchasers from suppliers. If more supermarkets are demanding more Certified Humane® products, more farms will have to change their practices in order to meet the demand, and more animals will be raised and handled humanely.

If you would like to volunteer to help spread the news about Certified Humane®, please send an email to info@certifiedhumane.org, including your mailing address, and Humane Farm Animal Care will send you information and request forms to share with your friends and neighbors.

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  1. Thank you for all your info. Education and awareness is key!

  2. Elizabeth Lambert

    For the last year and a half I have been eating vegetarian, due to the treatment of animals in our country, the antibiotics and growth hormones used, the abuse and neglect and huge institutional farms/ stacked cages for chicken and the so called “free range” lives of too many animals that are actually crammed in long barns( I live by turkey and pigs treated this way) and fed the usual crud, and where people are not allowed to trespass for any reason.
    I was so excited when I read about Certified Humane, and I even found an organic farm nearby who treats their animals with CH standards and even slaughters their own animals on their farm so they won’t be afraid. Imagine that. It’s about darned time!!! The only drawback for me is the price- and I completely understand. I’m just on Social Security Disability, and I work a small part time job, so the $50 I spent for the meat and flour and kefir I bought was more than my usual weekly budget. Anyway- I guess I need to learn how to budget better.
    I would be happy to spread the word about Certified Humane. Thank you!
    Beth Lambert
    Belgrade, Mn.

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